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Why do I need an event planner?

Hiring an event planner to help you plan your wedding or social event has many benefits. The most important is that a certified event planner is a professional who has the expertise, resources and tools to make the process easy for the event hostess and get the best outcome possible.

The greatest advantage is the peace of mind of knowing that everything will be planned seamlessly with no stress on your part.

What kind of events do you plan?

More than just an average, run of the mill event, we plan a unique experience.

Our scope of local and destination events includes: Engagement soirées, luxury weddings and vow renewals; milestone celebrations such as birthdays or anniversaries; holiday parties for individuals or corporations.

In addition to planning events, we are very happy to plan and host our own luxury retreats exclusively tailored to our female clientele.

What is the planning process?

Knowing that every client is unique, once our customized proposal is approved and a signed contract takes place, we’ll proceed to prepare a customized timeline for all the tasks that need to be accomplished by the client and the planner. At this point, the event date has already been determined. Depending on the location of the event, the first task will be securing a venue.

Secondly, we will work side by side with you, the party host to build your unique vision, step by step. We handle the details and to-do list in regards to the venue, the vendors, décor, food, transportation and much more. We consider it a team effort, in which you only have to dream, yet involve yourself as much as you desire while we ensure all scheduling milestones are met to make that dream a reality.

How much time do you need to plan?

While it would be impossible to provide an exact timeline for your unique experience, we do provide general timelines for each type of event. In our experience, planning a wedding could easily take 9-12 months.

A smaller social event, such a birthday party, may require anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to plan, depending on the amount of detail, number of guests, and location (local or abroad).

What is included in the event planning services?

Our collection includes full service event planning and design.

Planning includes research, implementation and orchestration. In this phase, we correspond and negotiate with vendors, secure permitting, verify insurance requirements, and continuously implement your desired changes, as required.

In the design phase, we directly assist you in the creation of your personal vision board in order to paint the picture of what your dream day will look like. Upon completion of the dream board, we take you step by step through the process of choosing all the detail: colors, materials, flowers, decors, table escaping, linen, china, drapes and swags, up lighting, and much more. This is the fun part of the process, because you have the opportunity to explore all of your options and discover your personal creativity.

Although it should go without saying, both of these phases involve our intense and unwavering attention to detail.

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Do You Have a Minimum Fee For Your Wedding and Event Services?

At ACS, we believe in excellence, therefore, the service you receive will reflect the highest of standards. The price point for our luxurious, customized full planning service collection for a wedding starts at $7,500. However, please keep in mind that every event is unique, depending on your specific needs and desires.

Planning fees for other types of events, such as birthday soirees or engagement parties, are determined on a case by case basis, but do tend to require a lower investment than weddings and other more extravagant events. As always, your specific requirements will determine planning prices.

Are Deposits Refundable?

Deposits are an essential part of event planning. While some deposits cannot be refunded, we take painstaking measures to ensure you understand every aspect of our refund policy, which is also explained in full in our contract. It is important to us that you have the opportunity before committing to make educated and informed financial decisions, to include refunds.

What if there’s an emergency? Can changes to dates or other details be made without additional fees?

Things happen, emergencies arise, and sometimes dates need to be changed. While levels of flexibility regarding those changes vary depending on the specific event, venue, location, etc., we make every effort possible to work through those changes with our clients. To that end, an agreement regarding unforeseen changes will be fully established before contract signing.

How Did Amarilis Cano-Schutte Get To Be A Wedding Planner?

I’ve been planning weddings and events for the past 7 years.

I started out by attending the Lovegevity University’s wedding and event planning certification course in Miami, FL. Right after graduating, I worked as an intern for a local luxury wedding planning company, where I was exposed to my first large event produced in partnership with a renowned hotel in the prestigious Brickell Ave. in Miami. When the internship ended, I started a position as an event specialist for a production company. Here, I was able to learn the abc of the planning and designing process of small, medium and large productions. Soon, I decided to go solo, planning weddings and destination events for my own clients on a part-time basis. In the meantime, I kept developing my skills organizing and designing social events and entertainment activities working as the lifestyle concierge for a luxury resort-style community. I also found the time to get certified as an event designer from an accredited event production institute based in N.Y.

During all of these years, I’ve attended many workshops locally and internationally within the destination wedding industry. Due to my personal and professional growth, I’m now able to offer global, unique experiences that create lasting memories through weddings, social events and retreats.

How are you Different From All The Other Wedding Planners and Designers Out There?

While ACS Luxury Events and Retreats is different in many ways, the first key ingredient to our success is our spiritual and personal values.

Our service is based upon the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Every service we offer and the way we conduct business all comes from a place of love and respect, in addition to our impeccably high standards. We will do unto you what we want done unto us. And, as we want nothing but the very best for us, you’ll get nothing but the very best from us.

The second key ingredient is trust. In order to stay true to the key ingredient number one and gain your trust, we only book a limited number of events at a time. Hence, we are guaranteed to deliver our promise of highly customized service. At ACS, luxury starts with our uniquely personalized customer experience, and the quality of our relationships will always rule over the quantity.

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