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A Hidden Gem in Cancun, Mexico.

Posted on: February 27th, 2015 by Amarilis Cano

I like to write regarding everything that I feel passionate about, and one of the things I love to do in life is traveling and discovering new places (at least new for me).

Every time I visit a good restaurant, or I stay at a hotel that really catches my attention and makes me go “wow”, I feel that I should immediately write about it and share my experience. The purpose? Just sharing, so maybe others can look it up and perhaps go and enjoy it as much as I did. Hopefully they’ll visit and wind up having a good experience and who knows? Some day they will let me know they read about it from me. Yay!

Today I will write a little bit more about The Villa Del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa, located in the Zona Continental de Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico.

The Villa Del Palmar Resort is in my opinion a hidden gem in Cancun. It is like 40 minutes away from the popular “zona hotelera”, where all the famous resorts and nightclubs are located. That makes it the perfect spot for those who’d love to go to Cancun but they don’t want to be right in the middle of the craziness and where all the tourists gather, especially in the high season.

Still, the resort is located close enough to the famous zone where all the fun happens. Moreover, it is near the other popular attractions like the Kukulcán’s Pyramid “the most prominent building in the Mayan’s metropolis” (as stated on the resort’s website) located in Chichen Itza. There are many other historical sites and natural wonders in this area, not to mention the easy access to Isla Mujeres and Playa del Carmen. They both have b-e-a-utiful beaches!

Here is a link of the resort where you can read about all the adventures you may find in the area:

This resort offers both, an all-inclusive package (all meals and drinks as well as some of the beach activities like Kayaking, are included in the price) or room only, whichever you prefer.

I must say, I totally recommend the all-inclusive package. One of the things I really enjoyed was the breakfast buffet, everything looked so beautifully delicious, especially that green juice that didn’t taste at all like green, if you know what I mean. 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot about the spa! The resort is huge, and it has a beautiful spa that goes underground, with separate spa-service rooms that look like individual cabanas (cabins). The ambiance is very natural, surrounded by palm trees and plants. It feels almost like if you are in the middle of the jungle or something like that. Most importantly, they have outstanding customer service. YES!

This beautiful place is perfect for a romantic getaway weekend with your special one; a bachelor or bachelorette trip; a romantic wedding or honeymoon or simply a family vacation.

I visited this resort back in December 2014 for my friend’s wedding (which I already wrote about in a previous post). Then I realized I had many beautiful photos of the resort and I wanted to do something with them. So I created a nice slideshow for you to enjoy it and hopefully you folks keep sharing it. 🙂

(Be patient, let it load first, it’s worth it I promise!)

Dreams Do Come True! My Lovely Experience in Cancun

Posted on: December 20th, 2014 by Amarilis Cano

I recently attended one of my dearest friends’ wedding, in a very special place near Cancun, Mexico. And here, I have to agree to what the now-happy wife, my friend Carla Sanchez-Anderson said about her own experience: It was everything and more than what I could’ve ever even dreamed of.” Not only was she thrilled with the idea of tying the knot with the love of her life, but also having to share one of the most important days of her life with her family and closest friends in a very romantic beach in the coast of Mexico… This girl nailed it with that idea!

They, the happy groom and bride, weren’t the only ones who enjoyed that dream of Carla from A to Z. Everybody there was as happy as she and the handsome groom, sharing the same feeling: LOVE. We knew we were going to have a good time and that we were going to witness a very romantic wedding on the beach. But what we didn’t know was to what extent the joy, the sentiment and the whole ambiance was going to be turned into.

It was more than what WE could have ever imagined! First of all, the beautiful details. My friend planned this wedding (with the help of a professional wedding coordinator in Cancun) with such attention to detail that it really made a difference. The ceremony as well as the reception were truly magical for all of us!

For me, it was more than attending a wedding, it was quite a life experience. I got to see Carla being the happiest woman on earth that day and I also happened to meet with other good friends of mine that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Moreover, I got to meet new friends with whom I had great conversations, laugher, etc.

Everybody cried and laughed at the same time during the toast and the readings. It was a very emotional moment for all. The bride’s father and the maid of honor (bride’ sister) did a very good job with their beautiful words (they made everybody cry, but that’s ok). Then, the bestman cheered everybody up with a very nice joke at the end of his speech. Finally, the father of the groom came up with this awesome idea of reciting the speech used by the father of the bride in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. I thought that was very creative because it actually fitted the occasion perfectly.

My favorite part of all was at the very end, when one of the girls asked the DJ to play a song named “La Amistad” (the friendship) by Laura Pausini, and we all sang it to our beautiful and dear friend.

Thanks, Carla! For having managed to dream a special day for you and for all of us.

And man! I don’t know if it was the tequila or what? But that was one of the most emotional moments of my life! 🙂

And last but not least, I can’t finish this story without mentioning how wonderful the Villas del Palmar Cancun, Beach Resort & Spa is. Where everything took place.

If you would like to have an unforgettable experience with your friends and family at a super romantic and cool place… you can’t go wrong with this resort. It has EVERYTHING included (all meals & drinks). The suites are awesome, clean and neat. They have several pools, several restaurants (food is good) And activities like kayaking are also part in the all-inclusive resort package. This resort is located in a secluded site so it’s not in the middle of the crazy Cancun “zona hotelera,” but it’s close enough to go party all night if you’d like to do so.  And… it is literally across Isla Mujeres! What else can you ask for? (Hey, I’m not getting any commission here, I just really like this place) 🙂 Like I said, dreams DO come true! So next time you are invited to a destination wedding (especially from someone you love and care about) don’t say no. It can be one of the most wonderful experiences in your life.

Hello and Welcome

Posted on: October 6th, 2014 by tatiana
ACS Signature Weddings

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Hi, My name is Amarilis Cano-Schutte but some people call me Amy.

I am a military wife and a proud mother of two wonderful kids and we are also the loving owners of Rocky, a Weimaraner we rescued from the shelter 6 years ago.

As a single mother for many years, I knew that working full-time and raising my family on my own would mean that my personal dream would have to take a back seat to being the best Mother I could possibly be. Not until I had the blessing of meeting the love of my life, my husband, could I finally breathe a little and take a break to really think about my passions and my skills and what I wanted to do with them. That being said, right after my daughter went to college, I had the time to come up with a plan that would help me combine my passions and skills into a single profession. As an event planner I have the opportunity to help people achieve their own goals and dreams.

Earning my wedding and event planning certification from a recognized institution allowed me to open the door to the industry, first as an intern, then as a full-time employee assisting in various events for a local company. In addition, being a military wife has allowed me to travel considerably, often giving me the opportunity to visit venues and meet vendors within the event industry off my city limits. This has put me in a position to offer my clients unlimited possibilities when it comes to destination events, which also makes me a great adviser about couples getaways, honeymoons spots, etc.

I am also working on creating my blog with the sole purpose of sharing various tips and advice on all the places I’ve visited with my husband and family.

Please check back for new entries soon! Thanks.