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A Hidden Gem in Cancun, Mexico.

Posted on: February 27th, 2015 by Amarilis Cano

I like to write regarding everything that I feel passionate about, and one of the things I love to do in life is traveling and discovering new places (at least new for me).

Every time I visit a good restaurant, or I stay at a hotel that really catches my attention and makes me go “wow”, I feel that I should immediately write about it and share my experience. The purpose? Just sharing, so maybe others can look it up and perhaps go and enjoy it as much as I did. Hopefully they’ll visit and wind up having a good experience and who knows? Some day they will let me know they read about it from me. Yay!

Today I will write a little bit more about The Villa Del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa, located in the Zona Continental de Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico.

The Villa Del Palmar Resort is in my opinion a hidden gem in Cancun. It is like 40 minutes away from the popular “zona hotelera”, where all the famous resorts and nightclubs are located. That makes it the perfect spot for those who’d love to go to Cancun but they don’t want to be right in the middle of the craziness and where all the tourists gather, especially in the high season.

Still, the resort is located close enough to the famous zone where all the fun happens. Moreover, it is near the other popular attractions like the Kukulcán’s Pyramid “the most prominent building in the Mayan’s metropolis” (as stated on the resort’s website) located in Chichen Itza. There are many other historical sites and natural wonders in this area, not to mention the easy access to Isla Mujeres and Playa del Carmen. They both have b-e-a-utiful beaches!

Here is a link of the resort where you can read about all the adventures you may find in the area:

This resort offers both, an all-inclusive package (all meals and drinks as well as some of the beach activities like Kayaking, are included in the price) or room only, whichever you prefer.

I must say, I totally recommend the all-inclusive package. One of the things I really enjoyed was the breakfast buffet, everything looked so beautifully delicious, especially that green juice that didn’t taste at all like green, if you know what I mean. 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot about the spa! The resort is huge, and it has a beautiful spa that goes underground, with separate spa-service rooms that look like individual cabanas (cabins). The ambiance is very natural, surrounded by palm trees and plants. It feels almost like if you are in the middle of the jungle or something like that. Most importantly, they have outstanding customer service. YES!

This beautiful place is perfect for a romantic getaway weekend with your special one; a bachelor or bachelorette trip; a romantic wedding or honeymoon or simply a family vacation.

I visited this resort back in December 2014 for my friend’s wedding (which I already wrote about in a previous post). Then I realized I had many beautiful photos of the resort and I wanted to do something with them. So I created a nice slideshow for you to enjoy it and hopefully you folks keep sharing it. 🙂

(Be patient, let it load first, it’s worth it I promise!)

Newport, Rhode Island: One of the most timeless and romantic places I’ve known.

Posted on: December 17th, 2014 by tatiana

It is said that: “what you see in the world around you, is a reflection of who you are.” Well, I must be a very romantic person because most of the time, I find the places I visit to be very romantic. But then I think, well, I guess if you are in love with someone it is easy to find “the romance” in pretty much everything you see. Ok, maybe that’s what it is in most cases, but I’m telling you in this case, this beautiful town encloses romanticism on its own. When you visit Newport, and I don’t care if you are single, engaged, married or whatever… the magic of this city will get to you in such a romantic way, that you could not help but to become one of us: The Newport, RI, lovers! Those who always need to come back for more because it is never enough… And here is why:

Newport is located 23 miles south of Providence and 61 miles south of Boston. Aerial Photo From Robinson R44 Helicopter by Michael Kagdis

For those of you who love history, this is the place to visit. Newport has a lot of history. It has been known as New England’s summer spot since the 1850’s and for the famous Newport Mansions ( It is surrounded by the ocean, which gives it that beautiful energy that comes from nature. And it is one of the most beautiful, historic and cozy towns I’ve ever visited.
Entering the 20th century, many of the nation’s wealthiest families were spending the summer time in Newport; including the Vanderbilts, Astors, and the Widener family. They built the largest “cottages”, such as The Breakers (1895) and Miramar (just to mention a few). During their stay, they kept busy hosting social events in grand fashion, showing off their gilded mansions with extravagant foyers, dining, music and ballrooms. Today, visiting one of these beautiful mansions is like stepping in into the past, where you feel that time stops as you carefully look at the spaces just the way they had it decorated back in those times; and it is almost overwhelming to keep up with the amount of architectural details as well as the interior design themes, arranging from painted ceilings to exclusive art pieces brought from all over the world exquisitely placed throughout the entire mansion. Not to mention the grandeur backyard with gorgeous landscaping and stunning views of the ocean, each of these “cottages” humbled-ly have. Today, these beautiful-full of history-mansions play a big role in the touristic site of Newport; and of course I couldn’t finish this paragraph without mentioning that they also function as exclusive venues. They host social events and beautiful weddings from people who come from all over the US and the rest of the world. Can you imagine having your dream wedding at one of these mansions? Say it loud: O M G! ☺

Another place to visit when you are in Newport is the famous Cliff Walk. It is a 3.5-mile public access walkway bordering the shoreline by Narragansett Bay. I cannot express enough how spectacular the view of the ocean is from the Cliff Walk. So you nature lovers cannot –read carefully- you cannot visit Newport and leave without making it to the Cliff Walk. The fresh air, the romantic walk, the view and the feeling of freedom this place provides, make this, one of the most popular sites in this city. A perfect plan would be (since the Cliff Walk is located behind some of the “cottages”) visiting one or two of the mansions per day (if the length of your stay allows it) and just stroll along the famous Cliff Walk afterwards to kinda de-stress from the intense moment, where you were in-taking that entire world of opulence you just saw in the mansions. And just walk along the cliff and relax. Oh, and make sure you have comfortable shoes and a good camera.

Photo taken from

And last but not least, downtown! Newport’s downtown is beau-ti-ful and it has a lot to offer. It is romantic, as it has the charm of the historic old architecture combined with a modern but cozy feel; and it is also near the bay. It is almost like a two way street and that’s it. Only that it is not “it”.  It might be just a long street but it has many restaurants and all kinds of different shops. Some of our (My husband and I) favorite places to eat and hang out in Newport are: Brick Alley Pub & Rest.,  Benjamin’s; Fluke Wine, Bar & Kitchen; The Pier Restaurant. And one that my beautiful hubby likes a lot located in Middletown is, the famous Coddington Brewery. They brew their own beer and have a special one: Blueberry beer.

To wrap my point up, whether you are looking for a fun-romantic-classic getaway weekend or just to spend time with someone special (best friend, fiancé, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.), Newport, Rhode Island will not disappoint you.  Especially if you are a romantic person like me ☺, who’s always looking forward to great experiences and the opportunity to create beautiful memories. Also, those who see history as interesting as romance, will definitely find this place magical. Newport will also be very suitable, in my opinion, for engaged couples and friends who are looking to travel for a unforgettable bachelor or bachelorette trip. There’s more to Newport than what I have described here. If my hubby had written this, you would have read more about the huge Navy base, the awesome Naval War College and a lot more history in detail. But… he didn’t.  ☺

Me @Bowen Wharf, Newport, RI  2012.

View from the bar at the Fluke.